D1.1 Virtual library of bioinspired molecules (DOWNLOAD HERE)
D1.2 Report on methodology for high-throughput screening of RFB compounds (DOWNLOAD HERE)
D1.3 Report on the modelling of electrochemical kinetics
D1.4 Report on the stability studies
D2.1 Multiphysics redoxflow battery FEM battery model, parametrized by DFT and experimental data and able to reproduce experimental voltage/current data for longterm battery operation (DOWNLOAD HERE)
D2.2 Multiphysics packed bed reactor model able to reproduce current production as a function of flow and pressure
D3.1 Report on general isothermal cell modelling (DOWNLOAD HERE)
D3.2 Report on general non-isothermal cell modelling
D3.3 Report on multi-cells stack system and shunt current distribution modelling
D3.4 Report of modelling flow batteries with the solid boosters
D3.5 Report on the technoeconomic modelling
D4.1 Report on electrochemical experiments
D4.2 Report on organic synthesis
D4.3 Report on flow battery testing
D4.4 Report on short stack testing
D5.2 Project website opened (DOWNLOAD HERE)
D6.1 Data management plan